Codebits VII, 2014: My Post Mortem

Codebits is the largest and most important hackathon in Portugal. I participated for the first time from this last Thursday to Saturday. It. Was. Amazing.

As a hackathon, it includes a programming competition where you have to create something new in 48 hours and then pitch it to everybody else in 90 seconds. However, Codebits is also about the games, talks, mini-events, meetups and random surprises.

Some friends and I had already thought about what we were going to do at Codebits, project-wise. As so, we made “The Codebits Gym” - a practicing & learning programming game where the game plays against you with some very interesting hazards. Here’s a teaser:

The Codebits Gym from David Gomes on Vimeo.

We worked really hard for 48 hours and honestly, I was expecting it to be a simpler project than it turned out to be - we were completely exhausted, albeit proud and happy, by the time it was over. Technology-wise, we used Meteor to make the web application, we all love it and I even gave a talk about it there:


Overall, what I most enjoyed about Codebits was the environment it was set in - truly sensational. I only regret not taking the chance to have more fun and go to more talks because of how much time I put into our app.


I’m already looking forward to the the eight edition of Codebits in 2015, given how awesome this year’s was. Congratulations to all the team behind the event and to everyone who also worked hard on their projects, especially the prized ones.