I very much enjoy sharing my experiences and talking in public, so I try to do it as often as possible.

I will be speaking at React Advanced in London on the 25th of October, 2019.

Coimbra, Portugal — June 2019

"Statically Typing JavaScript" — a 30 minutes talk about the challenge of adding a statically typed system on top of the JavaScript programming language. This talk was given at JNation.

Lisbon, Portugal — March 2019

"Lessons learnt while migrating from Flow to TypeScript" — a 30 minutes talk about some of the lessons learnt while transitioning 2 codebases (one of them with 30K+ LOC) from Flow to TypeScript. This talk was given at require('lx').

Lisbon, Portugal — June 2018

"Let's talk about Flow" — a 45 minutes talk about statically typing JavaScript with Flow at require('lx').

Watch it on Youtube.

Lisbon, Portugal — May 2018

A 20 minutes talk (in Portuguese) about Reason's interop with JavaScript at ReasonML Lisbon Meetup.

Watch it on Youtube.

London, UK — March 2018

A 20 minutes talk about GraphQL Servers in the Client at React Fest.

Watch it on Youtube.

Munich, Germany — February 2018

A 35 minutes talk about Bucklescript's Interop with JavaScript at the ReasonML Munich Meetup.

Watch it on Youtube.

Coimbra, Portugal — October 2016

A 30 minutes talk about how databases work and the different kinds of databases that are available.

Coimbra, Portugal — November 2015

A 30 minutes talk about Contributing to the Linux Ecosystem at UNIX Dei.

Coimbra, Portugal — October 2015

A 15 minutes talk about Games With A Purpose at Coimbra.codes.

Coimbra, Portugal — February 2015

A Meteor workshop at the National Informatics Engineering Students' Meeting.

Lisbon, Portugal — April 2014

A talk about Meteor called "What's the deal with Meteor?" at Codebits in 2014.