elementary OS Luna Released

elementary OS, a free software project I’m heavily involved in, has seen its latest release come to life just two days ago - elementary OS Luna. In fact, all the information you’ll probably want about elementary OS should be available on the website I linked to before, but I’d like to add some personal words here.

I joined the elementary project about two years ago and at the time we were already working on Luna. It took us a long time to release for many reasons. Firstly, we put a strong focus on detail and perfection. In addition, the development team is quite small and not all of us have free time in abundance to dedicate to the cause. However, thanks to the combined effort of many volunteers we did it and I am unbelievably proud of what we’ve achieved. Not all the feedback is good, as one would expect, but in general the operating system is very much appreciated in the Linux community. All this and the feeling of “mission accomplished” makes me a very happy guy.

However, an operating system is never “finished”. In fact, we have many ideas to implement and we have a long way ahead of us. During the next month (years?) we’ll get back to work on the new release of elementary OS and I’ll try to once again dedicate as much time and effort to it as possible. Long live elementary!